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  LLL Designs
CROSS acrylic on canvas framed in ornate frame, 3x3.5 inches Custom orders available for larger sizes Leigh Lowery, the wife of Fred Lowery, is the mother of two daughters and a grandmother of four. As far back as Leigh can remember, she has had a set of paints and brushes. Without formal training in art, Leigh possesses a God given talent that is amazingly evident in every painting. Recently, God gave Leigh the inspiration to paint crosses. The cross is a rough image representing Christ's death for sinful man. She chose gold as the color of the cross to symbolize the greatest gift of all–salvation. Each painting is one of a kind to represent the unique purpose God has for each life. The cross stands for the most passionate and sacrificial love a person can experience. Painting something that can be life changing is Leigh's greatest joy. Leigh's desire is that people gain hope from her paintings of the cross and realize what really happened on Calvary's cross. As for her whimsical art, she hopes they bring a smile to your face and brighten a spot in your home.
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